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Tutorial - Ways to Convert Audio to MP3 on Mac

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Ways to Convert Audio to MP3 on Mac

1. All to MP3 for Mac

What will you do when you want to enjoy music that is stored in exotic formats which are not compatible with your music players? Install dozens of audio players that promise to open this file or search hard online for unstable online conversion? Don't worry, All to MP3 for Mac will be a top choice for you to convert audio files in any formats to MP3. A mouse click will make any audio file playable on all your music players.

Step 1. Input Audio

First you need to launch All to MP3 for Mac, then click "Open" and in the activated window choose the audio file you want to convert to MP3 and then click "Open".

All to MP3 for Mac

Step 2. Choose Output Format

After the audio file is loaded, click the arrow on the right of "Please choose a profile" and you will see a bunch of formats, choose "MP3" as the output format. To quickly find the format needed, just input the format in the box of "Search profile".

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Audio Conversion

Click "Convert" to start audio conversion. After that, click "Open" to directly find the converted audio with the name of "xxx_1.mp3". If needed, you can specify the value of volume and echo in "Audio Filter" tab.

Start Audio Conversion

2. Cloud Conversion

Cloud Convert, Zamzar and Online Convert are three websites that allow you to convert files for free without having to install any software. You need to upload the files you wish to convert and the site will convert for you. There is a restriction for the input file format and very few sites allow users to convert files of all types.

Cloud Conversion

3. Online Conversion

For those who just want convert some files for once without taking much effort in downloading and installing any audio converters, online conversion can be a good choice. While, it needs internet connection and sometimes the output quality is not quite satisfying.

Online Conversion

4. iTunes

For audio files in your iTunes library, you can choose iTunes to do some basic file conversions. This method is not just a matter of drag and drop like All2MP3 for Mac and it will take some time to get started.


5. VLC Media Player

If you happen to have VLC media player installed on your Mac, so don't bother to install another program to convert audio files. It can convert from one audio format to another or from one bitrate to another. We have to say that this is not a preferred method for those who are discerning about audio quality, but hopefully it can help someone out in a pinch.

VLC Media Player

6. iSonics Audio Converter

For those of us who work on audio and video files daily may need a converter to convert from one file format to another. iSonics can be used to convert MP3, MP2, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, OGG Opus, AC3 and others on your Mac. However, there are some limitations on the file size and max number of input files for batch conversion.

iSonics Audio Converter

7. Audiocorder

With Audiocorder, users need to record the audio first and then save the recording into MP3. It will be unpractical for those people who just want to convert a local audio file into MP3.


8. TwistedWave Audio Editor

TwistedWave is a professional audio editor program but it also can be used as an audio converter. You need to import the audio file first and then save it to the format wanted. The limitation is that many rare formats will not be founded when saving the audio files.

TwistedWave Audio Editor

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