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Tutorial - How to Convert Audio to MP3 on Mac?

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How many times have you played new songs with your MP3 player but found it couldn't read these files? With All to MP3 for Mac, you can forget about incompatibility issues forever. It helps convert audio files between AAC, FLAC, MP3, M4A, APE, OGG, WAV, WMA and other audio formats with easy steps. From now on, you can even transfer uncommon file formats to MP3 which is fully compatible with any platform.

Step 1. Input Audio

First you need to Start Audio Conversion, then click "Open" and in the activated window choose the audio file you want to convert to MP3 and then click "Open".

Input Audio

Step 2. Choose Output Format

After the audio file is loaded, click the arrow on the right of "Please choose a profile" and you will see a bunch of formats, choose "MP3" as the output format. To quickly find the format needed, just input the format in the box of "Search profile".

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Audio Conversion

Click "Convert" to start audio conversion. After that, click "Open" to directly find the converted audio with the name of "xxx_1.mp3". If needed, you can specify the value of volume and echo in "Audio Filter" tab.

Start Audio Conversion

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