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Tutorial - How to Convert M4A to MP3 on Mac?

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What is M4A

M4A is a filename extension used to represent a compressed audio file in the MPEG-4 container. The official filename extension defined by MPEG-4 standard is MP4 which contains both audio and video but MPEG-4 files that only contains audio typically have M4A file extension.

Why Convert M4A to MP3

Apple's iTunes store has releases music in M4A alongside AAC. M4a isn't exactly a household name because it is not the best when it comes to compatibility. However, considering that MP3 is universally recognized by devices and media players of virtually all stripes, you would benefit from converting M4A to MP3.

How to Convert M4A to MP3

For anyone who is searching for a free but professional M4A to MP3 audio converter, Free Mac Video Converter just comes in handy to help convert M4V to MP3 on Mac with just a click of "Convert" button.

Step 1. Input Video

First you need to launch All to MP3 for Mac, then click "Open" and in the activated window choose the video file you want to convert to MP3 and then click "Open".

Input Video

Step 2. Choose Output Format

After the video file is loaded, click the arrow on the right of "Please choose a profile" and you will see a bunch of formats, choose "MP3" as the output format. To quickly find the format needed, just input the format in the box of "Search profile". In "Preview (for Video input only)", you can preview the video by dragging the slider bar below it.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Video Conversion

Click "Convert" to start video conversion. After that, click "Open" to directly find the converted file with the name of "xxx_1.mp3". If needed, you can specify the value of volume and echo in "Audio Filter" tab.

Start Video Conversion

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